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Always Innovating’s MeCam quadcopter has it’s eye on you

Almost everyone seems to have at least a slight fascination with quadcopters. Look no further than the AR.Drone from Parrot at CES which despite little to no changes in their presentation for the last couple years manages to draw a crowd every time.

Always Innovating has a slightly new spin on the idea with their wee quadcopter above known as the MeCam. So what sets this lilliputian flying machine apart from its larger cousins?

First of all the MeCam isn’t controlled using either a traditional remote or by pairing it to a phone app. If you gently toss the MeCam into the air it will simply hover in place. From there the user can opt for voice commands or a standing follow-me order to keep their flying companion in line.

The central function of the MeCam, as the name suggests, is as a camera and the resulting video can be streamed to an Android or iOS device and then shared out to the social network of the users choice.

The last major differentiator is that Always Innovating believes that the MeCam could be brought to market for around $49 which is seems like a steal when compared to the $299 AR.Drone. The catch is that they aren’t planning to release the MeCam themselves so final say on the cost isn’t up to Always Innovating and the earliest they anticipate someone getting it on shelves is early 2014.

Certainly the MeCam isn’t going to be for everyone, but it’s one of those things that just sounds like a hell of a lot of fun to play around with regardless of practical utility. Always Innovating also stresses that it is built on open source software and hardware so I’m sure a community could quickly sprout up to squeeze every last ounce of functionality out of its diminutive form.

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